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God created the heavens and the earth and all that it contains including mankind, has also created rules to ensure the security and prosperity of mankind not only while on earth but also in the Hereafter, which is the final abode for mankind.

God has set  rules for mankind which are mandatory and mankind must obey and abide by them. If mankind disobey and reject the rules of God, mankind will surely be damaged and destroyed. Such damage and destruction will occur right here on earth whether on the short or the long term.

God’s rule, a system He has decided for mankind on earth, is something that will not change and there is no one who can change them from the time of its inception and for all eternity.

We must remember that God’s rule are divided into two categories:


Those which are compulsory and mankind have no choice but to accept (karhan).


Those which mankind can choose to accept at will (tau’an).

God decreed in the Quran:

Which means: Mankind has the will to choose.

As regards to the first category God’s rule, mankind have no choice but to accept them (karhan). Among them is the phenomena of breathing. God has ruled that what is to be breathed is air and not water or anything else. And we must breathe through our noses, not through our eyes or any other organ. We must eat and drink through our mouths and not our anuses. We walk on our legs and not on our hands. If we need to refresh ourselves, we have to sleep and rest. We cannot refresh ourselves by playing and by climbing trees or others. Such are the rules. There are many other examples that we do not need to include here. Anyhow, we can draw analogies from what we see in nature.

The second category of God’s rules that will not change such as eating and drinking only whatever is permissible (halal) such as rice and mineral water. Mankind are not allowed to eat and drink pork and liquor which are forbidden (haram). If we desire women, we must marry. We must avoid adultery and illicit sexual intercourse. If we desire to become rich and wealthy, we must strive in ways that are permissible such as doing business, farming and rearing stock animals. We are not allowed to steal, embezzle or take bribes.

If we want national and social security, we must adopt and use God’s rules and laws of based on the Quran and the Ways of the Prophet (Sunnah Rasul) such as the “hudud” laws (Islamic scales of punishment). If we want our economy to be healthy and free from fraud, deception and oppression, we must reject the economic system that is based on usury and monopoly and stop businesses that are forbidden (haram). If we want the lives of mankind to be balanced so that happiness and harmony can be attained and guaranteed, then we must build both material and spiritual development and civilization. These are some examples. There are many more that we can mention but suffice if we can draw analogies from these examples.

When God’s rules is broken or is not adhered to because mankind is not happy with such rules and want to make their own rules and laws, then mankind will surely be destroyed right here on earth before they face the ultimate destruction in the Hereafter.

For the first category God’s rule which is compulsory, no man will oppose or reject it. Everyone can accept it because based on experience, people are happy, contented and satisfied with it and they are not burdened by it. In fact, no one feels any sense of inferiority complex in accepting it. No one feels old fashioned or out of date. No one ever says that because mankind has breathed in air for too long since the times of Prophet Adam a.s., it is now old fashioned and out of date. No one ever says that in this age of science and technology and of hi-tech information technology, we should not use air to breath anymore. We should now use water to breathe instead. We should change our taste and preference. No one will say such things because everyone is satisfied and is in total agreement.

Why can mankind easily accept and in fact are satisfied with God’s rule that are compulsory in nature and which mankind have no choice but to accept. Why don’t they complain. Why don’t they feel old fashioned and out of date in using such obsolete rules. Mankind can easily accept such rules because if they go against them, the risks are very high. They can be destroyed and they can even die. Many have died because they breathed in water.

Can you breathe in water ? Try it! If you force yourself, you will be destroyed instantly.

As the risks are too high and the effects immediate, mankind do not go against the first God’s rule. For this they have no choice but to accept. In fact they can obey them with all their hearts.

Here, they feel safe and satisfied in accepting God’s rule that is compulsory in nature. They accept the fact that whoever goes against such rules will be destroyed. Which means, to obey such rules, benefits mankind and draws them towards salvation. Mankind can accept and are satisfied with such God’s rules .

What mankind find difficult to accept, including a vast majority of people in this end of time is the second category of God’s rule which mankind can choose to accept at will (tau’an). God allows mankind the choice to accept or to reject. But the risks are still there. In fact the risks are much more grave and severe whether that which will occur on earth, what more that which will be meted out in the Hereafter.

Muslims themselves are ashamed to accept such rules. They have doubts in its execution. They fear that if practised they will not progress and there will be chaos and anarchy. They are ashamed towards the non-Muslims on account of such rules. They regard such rules as old fashioned and not suitable for this age of science and technology and of hi-tech information technology. They say this is no more the age of the camels. Such are the Muslims who reject these rules with vain, pride and arrogance. In fact they also hate and are prejudiced towards the fighters of Islam who struggle to uphold this second category of God’s rules that mankind can choose to accept at will (tau’an).

Many people including a vast majority of Muslims today dare to reject these rules because its risks are unseen and delayed. Its damage and destruction do not occur immediately. Sometimes, it takes ten, fifteen or twenty years before it happens so much so that people cannot relate the damage and destruction that occur to the transgression that they committed years before. As such, if there is anyone or any group who realise this and tells them that the degraded morality, crime, disunity and others that happen within society today are the result of transgressions and deviations that they commit in the past, they will refuse to accept. In fact they will be enraged and will feel enmity towards people who tell them so. They cannot relate the diseases that inflict society with their errors and mistakes of rejecting God’s rule.

As an example, degradation of character and the emergence of diseases that inflict the society today such as “bohsia” (female delinquents), “bohjan” (male delinquents), truancy, vandalism, adultery, rape, discarding newborns, robbery, corruption, alcohol addiction, disrespect for parents and leaders, self interest, family crisis and others are the result of our past mistakes of adopting an education system that is not in line with God’s rule, using an economic system that is based on capitalism, adopting a national constitution that goes against God’s rule that is it is not in accordance to the Quran and Hadith, allowing free mixing of the sexes, not controlling the mass media from doing the forbidden and giving them freedom to publish pictures of scantily dressed sexy women and obscene pictures that arouse wanton desires. The crimes, moral degradation and all the diseases of society are nothing more than the “fruits” of the “trees” that we planted a long time ago.

Hence, it is clear to us that the second category of God’s rule that we can choose to accept at will too cannot be transgressed. If transgressed, it will still cause ill effects and will damage the society although it may take a longer time to be apparent. Its harm takes a longer time to happen and to be felt.

Both sets of God’s rule, whether the first, which is the one that we have no choice but to accept, or the second, the one we can choose to accept at will, if transgressed, will cause destruction, chaos and anarchy, defects in society and the disruption and loss of happiness and harmony. The only difference is that the destruction from the first transgression is immediate and from the second transgression delayed.

As such, if we notice in our society the occurrence of various crimes, degradation of character, vandalism, crisis or even natural disasters and calamities which are attributable to the Act of God, immediately return to God. Do not wait or hesitate. Re-examine and reappraise ourselves and the systems that we build whether or not they go against God’s rule. If there are transgressions, we must correct them. Return to God’s rule and ask God for forgiveness before He metes out punishments that are more grave and terrifying.

Definition of Secularisme

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Secularism today, the popular practice of the world`s population, has also become a polemic and subject of heated debate between the educated, the academicians and especially so among politicians.

In fact,they accuse on another. “They are a secular group”. “They have a secular mind”. “Their belief is still influenced by secularism”

Those accused would counter accuse their accusers of also having secular minds or of being influenced by secularism. They bring forth arguments and reasons complete with lengthy theories, debating using bombastic words and terms beyond comprehension of any layman.
Those with the knowledge and understanding of secularism, especially the intellectuals, when debating the topic of secularism, still fail to explain what secularism means. Their explanations remain hazy and ambiguous even with extensive and lengthy disccussions.

There are instances when people who bring forth lengthy arguments and analysis on the meaning of secularism and who label other people as being secular, are themselves clearly seen to be secular, directly or indirectly, whether they realize it or not.

In order to understand secularism or non-secularism, it is not sufficient to rely solely on the mind or merely to revert to assumptions. To understand the meaning of secularism or non-secularism, we have to accept that it has a lot to do with how much we understand Islam itself. To confirm whether a person or a group is secular or otherwise is decided by the teachings of Islam or the Quran and Hadith (sayings of the Prophet). God Himself makes the decision.The human mind does not have the privilege to define its meaning.

No matter how brilliant one is, one cannot freely on one`s own accord analyze this matter without first referring to what is required by Islam or by the Quran and the Sunnah (Hadith).

I, as a Muslim, when faced with this complex situation, and when faced with discussions, debates and polemics on this issue, also feel responsible and called upon to  discuss this topic. Although I am not an academician nor an ulama` based on the current meaning of the terms, or based on the belief of certain people that knowledge must come with qualifications or degrees, which I do not possess, whether in academic or religious disciplines, it is still not wrong for me to get involved in debating and discussing this topic or issue. Who knows, although I am an inconspicuous man, I may be able to bring forth the truth on this question of secularism.

Even if the intellects or ulamas cannot accept my viewpoint merely because of my standing and I too do not regard myself an expert, but it is also possible that there are people of my standing or of lesser standing than I who can accept it. And owing to the fact that I am not an intellect, surely my analysis will not contain terminologies that are too philosophical and surely the layman can easily understand me.

Hopefully, I am assisted and guided by God in writing this analysis and hopefully He simplifies the explanation so that all groups of people within the society can comprehend it.

The Meaning of Secular or Secularism
I do not have to debate or expound on the meaning of the word “secular” from the historical point of view or who was the first personality to utter the word, or in what period and why this term came about as is not important to us.

But  what  important to us as a principle, (so that we can be guided and are not trapped by secular ideology or secularism,) is the meaning of secularism itself from the Islamic viewpoint. As such, philosophical debates and references to history and personalities are not necessary to be addressed here, for fear that this article will become too lengthy. So we take only what is necessary for us to use as a guide. Hopefully, in our lives, no matter in what field we work and strive, we will not be trapped or be involved in the path of secularism.

Now, let us analyze secularism from the Islamic viewpoint.

Secularism, in Islam, is to carry out the activities of life in this world whether in the fields of economy, politics, education, administration, culture, communications and so on in complete separation from religion or without any connection whatsoever with the  Hereafter;

 in other words, secularism is a concept that touches purely on worldly matters. It does not have any connection with the Hereafter.

Secularism means life on earth will end on earth. If there is profit made, it will only be in this world. If there is loss suffered, it will also be only in this world. If a person is poor, it will only be in this world and if a person is rich, it will also only be in this world. It will not be questioned in the Hereafter. Rewards for good and bad deeds are irrelevant for life exists only in this world and it does not go beyond that.

In secularism, the shariah (rule of God) is not taken into account. In fact, the shariah has no place in life. In secularism, God does not involve Himself in the lives of man. As such, man can do anything he likes. What is important is profit. What is required is development and progress. The important thing is to gain victory and success no matter how, even if the prohibited (haram) have to be made permissible (halal). Time should not be wasted on deciding between the permissible and the prohibited. The dos and don`ts too are not considered.

In secularism, the world is not a bridge to the Hereafter or a farm for the Hereafter. Whatever happens in this world will end in this world.

In secularism, there is no reward for good or bad deeds. There is no life in the Hereafter or there is no concern for life in the Hereafter. If there is at all any belief in the Hereafter, it is not taken seriously as though it is not there or it needs to be forgotten.

In fact, some secularists dislike the Hereafter. When we mention the “Hereafter”, they make a wry face to show disgust.

Whoever mentions the Hereafter is considered old-fashioned, backward and non-progressive.

Secular Groups
After analyzing and debating the meaning of secularism, we now know that those who are secular belong to many groups. They can be divided into many categories. Among them are as follows:

1. The Pure Secularists
The group who do not believe in the existence of God or the Hereafter and who believe that religion is man-made and is opiate to the masses. They believe the universe came to exist naturally and on its own accord. Those who are of this belief are communists, atheists or “free thinkers”. These are the pure secularists.

2. The Secularists Who Have Been Led Astray

This group comprises of infidels who believe in God, the Hereafter and religion but who do not know God. Their belief of the Hereafter is not accurate. They have been led astray in religion. God is not involved in their worldly lives and their lives are totally separated from religion. These are secularists who have been led astray.

3. Muslim Secularists who Believe in the Existence of God.
These are Muslims who believe in the existence and unity of God and their knowledge of God is accurate. They also accurately believe in the Hereafter. Only, their religion is restricted merely to acts of devotions. Due to ignorance, all matters of life like economy, politics, education, the struggle and so on are separated from Islam. The Islamic shariah has no place in their lives except only in acts of devotions. Other than in devotions, they can accept any ideology or ism or whatever is formulated by the human mind. These are secularists because they are unbecoming (fasiq).

4. Secularists Due to Being Tyranous (Zalim)

These are Muslims who believe as above but are also committed to the fact that Islam is a complete way of life. They believe that Islam is a religion for all aspects of life. Islam is a religion of devotion, a religion of politics, a religion of administration, a religion of economy, and a religion of education. But perhaps out of fear of a certain group of people or because they are not prepared to face any serious consequences or due to some personal interests or out of fear or shame that they will be branded as old-fashioned, they forgo the shariah except in acts of devotion. In other aspects of life, the codes'[shariah]  does not become the rule and discipline. These people become secularists because they are tyrants for not placing the truth in its proper place or for misplacing the truth.

5. Secularists Who Inadvertently Change Their Intention

Muslims who carry out acts of devotion, the struggle, economy, politics, communications and so on according to the rules, but not because of God as it formally was. Instead, they do it now out of pride and self-conceit and to gain fame, glamour, rank, or money, whether they realize it or not. Because of this, the reward for their good deeds do not reach the Hereafter. These people become secularists because they inadvertently change their intentions.

6. Secularists Due to Secular Elements or Who Attach Too Much Importance to the World

This group is more refined than the groups above. These people do everything according to the shariah. But because they attach too much importance to life in the world compared to life in the Hereafter to the extent that they are not prepared to pay the tithes and they become miserly. They do not like to do good and they do not like to help other people. They do not like to give alms. They prefer only to accumulate their wealth and they become greedy. These people become secularists because they do things that contain secular elements or things that are secular in nature or they attach too much importance to the world.

That, briefly, is the meaning of secularism from the Islamic viewpoint that I understand. So, secularism gives importance to the worldly. Although some secularists believe in the Hereafter, they do not take it seriously or they purposely forget it and they do not take any heed. This is because their hearts cling and are tied to life in this world. It is even worse if they do not believe in the Hereafter at all. Their lives will only be solely for the world. It is also even worse if they are absolutely worldly oriented or they are truly pure secularists.

So we see at this end of time, the majority of the world population are secular, whether they believe that this life will end here on earth and there is no Hereafter or whether they still believe in the Hereafter but at heart and by attitude, they put more importance to life on earth.

It is here that a lot of Muslims have fallen into secularism. Even if they do not believe in pure secularism, at least the spray of secularism has attacked Muslims and this is the secret why Muslims cannot unite. The hearts of Muslims have been destroyed by this spray of secularism.

This is my view and opinion. If there is any truth in it, surely it is from God , the All Knowing. If there are mistakes and errors, they are due solely to my own weakness and shortcomings, being one who do not have high education.

~ A Lecture by Ustaz Ashaari Muhammad~

..So ask the followers of the Reminder..

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..And We did not send before you any but men to whom We sent revelation– so ask the followers of the Reminder if you do not know–An Nahl: Q16 :43

Those who remember God  standing and sitting and lying on their sides and reflect on the creation of the heavens and the earth: Our Lord! Thou hast not created this in vain! —Ali Imran:  Q3: 191


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If the attributes of a servant and a deep feeling of subservience are deeply embedded in a Muslim, it will annihilate or destroy his evil character like the feelings of pride, self-conceit, arrogance, anger, spite, vengeance and others.

But if the attributes of a servant do not exist, he will feel himself a lord. This feeling of lordship breeds arrogance, pride self-conceit, anger, spite, desperately wanting to be praised, boastfulness, vengeance, greed and others.

Thus, if this feeling of lordship is manured and allowed to flourish, it will further lead to God-like feelings which is the proprietorship of God alone and a person with such feelings will fall into polytheism, God forbid. And if he has power, he will become a very tyrannous and cruel person.

Hence, we as the servants of God, must promote and intensify our feelings of subservience so that all evil attributes within us can be annihilated. This is what God demands of His servants.

When the feeling of subservience has succeeded in eradicating evil attributes mentioned above, then the Muslim person will automatically be filled with modesty, shame, compromise, love and care, considerateness, forgiveness apology and patience.

He will put others before himself, will rely upon God and will feel sinful, lacking, weak and hopeful so much so he feels himself guilty and full of sin.
When the feeling of having a God is truly internalized and it truly grips the heart of a Muslim, he brings it wherever he goes and he feels he is being constantly monitored and watched by God.

He will always feel shy. The fear of God will always be with him. He will truly feel that he is in the power of God. He feels his destiny is completely in the hands of God.

Hence, he is afraid to commit  any sin. He is shy to God. He will be truthful and sincere. He likes to do good. He will become one who is courteous, respectful, disciplined  and one who keeps his promises. If he commits a sin, he is tormented by it.

He always checks himself. His soul is alive and in contact with God. In whatever situation, he is never neglectful.
He will not be dragged into the stream of vices and transgressions that occur in society. He is able to control and to take care of himself. In other words, the feeling of having a God is his defense against committing sins and treachery. It is also at the same time the key to everything that is good. Because of this we must always intensify and bring to life the feeling of having a God in our hearts for it is such feeling that can turn us into good people in this world.

A point to remember is that no matter how much prayers and acts of devotion we do, but if done without any feeling at heart, it will not produce any feeling of subservience. The feeling of having a God will not materialize. Acts of devotion of this kind will not only fail to produce people who are humble and who love and care but on the contrary, such acts, although done in quantity, will only produce people who are arrogant, conceited, showy, and who love to be praised. Such a person will feel himself clean and pure and he has no fear of God. As such, prayers and acts of devotions that should bring a servant into contact with his creator or God in the first place, will instead become a barrier  between him and  God.

“Oh God! Give us guidance and lead us! Keep watch over us physically and spiritually.”

“God, let us see the finesse in good and in bad (deeds), so that we are saved from sins that are too difficult to comprehend.”

 Amen, oh God of the universe.

The Society Longed By Mankind

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What kind of society do we want? or in other words, what is the pattern of that society as required by God, that once existed in history and which we are now struggling to reestablish?

In that society, surely everybody will be satisfied, feels calm and serene, peaceful and full of tranquility, safe and full of salvation, happy and contented, feel loved and cared for and are in harmony.

In the society we want and that which God requires, the leaders are just, protecting and loving, gentle and of good character. The educated are humble and full of self-humiliation. Everybody who mixes with them feels at ease and satisfied. The rich and wealthy are not arrogant, not exhibitive and are not proud. They become banks for the society or the nation. Furthermore the poor and the destitute get support from them. They are loved and they give out love. There is no one who hates them except those who are spiteful and envious.

In the society that we are waiting for, the pious or the scholars are like torches who light up each person’s life towards the path accepted by God. They are compassionate towards the ignorant and are always guiding and teaching them. They are gentle to other men. Their love and compassion is obvious. Just seeing their faces, reminds one of God. They are very much loved. Men turn to them for support and advice.

In the society we are waiting for, the patience of the poor is clearly visible. They do not go around begging, let alone deceive. They are not in anxiety but instead, are calm and pacifying. Others do not realise the fact that they are poor and destitute, while, in fact they have nothing to their names, for they never beg or cause any inconvenience to people.

In the society we are waiting for, the aged are respected because their charisma is high and preserved. The older they get, the closer they are to God. Their words are like pearls, always disseminating knowledge to people. As they get older, the more they are loved. They are not neglected, what more by their children and grandchildren.

Besides that, in the society that we want, its youth are of honorable character and their shyness is plain to see especially among the girls and women. There is no useless free mixing of the sexes, they are diligent at work and they actively struggle to uphold the rule of God. They do not waste time seeking enjoyment. Their time is filled with all things good and useful. They strongly protect the good name and dignity of religion, race and nation. They are like fences and fortresses.

Further than that, in the society that we long for, no disobedience and vices occur in the open. Crime does not exist. If any at all, it happens only once in a while, for all men feel the fear of God and truly love the Hereafter.

Articles left or lost will surely be found or returned.Womenfolk who walk alone, will not be harassed and molested. Her safety and dignity is guarded together, as though she is a member of the family even though she is not known by anyone.

In such a society, neighbours respect each other, take care of each other, oversee each other, exchange gifts, help and assist each other and visit each other especially when one falls ill. Each is concerned with the other and when a neighbour is in difficulty, there will always be others who will assist him and care for him.

It follows that in the society that we are looking for, people who commit wrongdoing readily ask for forgiveness and the wronged readily forgives although forgiveness is not solicited. Revenge and vendetta do not exist, envy and grudge do not happen and killing do not occur. Consideration for other people is a way of life. The world is not a source of strife and avenues for quarrels and disputes are non existent. The whole world is full of love and care and harmony.

In this society longed by mankind, those who are in difficulty, the poor and those facing mishaps will not be left unassisted. People will rush to help and give aid to them. Those who are poor and in difficulty really feel assisted. Although outwardly they appear to be poor but the truth is that they are not troubled because everyone is concerned about them.

In fact, those who are poor live better than those who are from the middle class. In the society that we want, anywhere we go and anywhere we travel to, it is easy for us to be received as guests. People rush to receive us and every form of assistance is offered all along the way. If we run out of supplies, there are always people who will give assistance and help. If we are lost, there are always people who will show us the way. In our journeys, we will never feel alone as there will always be new friends and acquaintances made.Also in the society that we want, (the signs of God ), the greatness of God and His (symbols) are seen everywhere.

Wherever we go, we will see people carrying out acts of subservience, handsomely attired to cover the body in accordance to the rules and codes, giving and answering the “salam/peace greetings”, reciting the Quran, learning religion, being well mannered, with noble culture, helping one another, who are tolerant, who give priority to others, who love to treat, to entertain and to receive guests and who give and assist.

Further, in the society that we desire, the scholars, leaders, teachers, parents, and the aged are respected and cherished, children are loved, husbands and wives are loving to one another, the poor are given aid and sympathy, friends are loyal, treachery does not exist, trust is upheld, responsibility is carried out, promises are kept and debility is accepted and forgiven.

And still further, in the society, wherever we go, we will not see people loitering around wasting their time, no one will be out of work or are unemployed, and no one will be seen reveling without any purpose. Everyone is involved doing good and beneficial work either for his God or for his fellowmen.

In the society that we want, people are busy with development, active in making advancement, but without any accompanying transgression.

There is no corruption, no deceit, no oppression and no neglect. There is no transgression of the (rules of God). The more the people are developed and advanced, the more humble, generous and thankful they become and the more they fear God.

Hence, physical advancement and spiritual advancement goes hand in hand. There is simultaneous movement in the physical and spiritual development. The world and the Hereafter are developed together. What we then have is an advanced civilization and magnificent development that no longer symbolizes the arrogance of man but the supremacy of God, the greatness of the Creator, the power of the Creator, and the symbols of His power, and the abundance of His pleasures and blessings.

The effect is that non-Muslims or if there still exist, the minority of Muslims whose hearts are still wicked, they will be ashamed to commit any evil deeds. They feel guilty to commit any wrongdoing. Although they are not necessarily ashamed to their God, but they are ashamed to other men and they feel they should not be committing wrong. This indirectly helps to maintain peace and serenity in the society. Blessed by the fact that the majority of the people are good, coupled by the fact that they love and care for their leaders, the sholars and the rich among them who are just, generous, who love the people, who are of good character and who are charismatic, these bad hats will shy away from doing the wrong and the improper. Hence, the society becomes peaceful, serene, unified, loving and caring, tranquil, at ease, happy and harmonious, without the element of fear and worry. The people are no longer afraid of the evil of man.

They feel there will be no more people who will cheat, steal their property, commit treachery, taking opportunity, doing things for their self-interest, who rob, kidnap, rape, sabotage and the like. There will evolve a kind of life that God pictured in the Quran, which means

“A nation that is peaceful, prosperous and blessed with the forgiveness of God.”

The society that we picture above is the society that we long for, that we are working and struggling for and that which we dream will one day materialize in the reality of our lives. We hope it will happen in this early part of the Hegira century for God has promised that in the early part of this century, Islam will return resplendent as it was in its early years. Let us together await while we struggle for this beautiful and resplendent era. Let us hope that God grants us a sufficiently long life, so that we can witness this golden age and let us also hope it happens due to our efforts and our struggle. We hope God will not let us down.

Oh God grant us this hope.


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 A hadith translated:

“Verily, the best people are those with the best morals.” (As related by At Tabrani)

It should be noted that spiritual development for the purpose of forming people with good morals and virtues is not an easy task. It is not easy for a family, what more a school, town, district, state or country. Material development, such as building a 100 storey-building, would be a far easier undertaking than to development someone’s soul.

 A 100-storey skyscraper might take three years to complete, but a person’s soul might take 30 years, and even then there is no guarantee of success. Hence, God sent His representatives, the Prophets and Messengers to develop the community’s spirituality. Those who obediently follow the teachings are the saints,  scholars, and finally the non-religious. When it comes to (behaviour), it’s divided into two:

 Firstly: to God.

Secondly: to mankind.

Good Behaviour  to God  encompasses a few things, the greatest of which is iman (belief) in Him. Good behaviour also includes constant worship to Him, sincerity, constant awareness of Him and knowing that He  is everywhere and that He sees, hears and knows everything that we feel, and thus we should feel embarrassed, fearful, love, patient etc…

Good behaviour  to mankind includes love, generosity, friendliness, fairness, trustworthiness, truthfulness, humility, compromise, gentleness, helpfulness and always thinking the best of others. Besides these two main branches of behaviour , there is also the behaviour towards animals as well as  the trees, rocks and so on so forth. We cannot torture animals. If we rear animals such as goats, we have to prepare its stables and food, provide medicine if it is sick, and if it needs to be slaughtered, we must use a sharp knife.

Such behaviour also refers to the environment, such as the trees, for we cannot cut trees down as we like; there must be proper and beneficial reasons for chopping them down.

Thus how beautiful and wide the scope of behaviour is in Islam, the religion of the end of time. It seeks to unite everyone, and is admired by everyone including the non-Muslims.

Hence, if the Islamic nation returns to the good behaviour of the three centuries after The Prophet’s time, Muslims would be respected and admired the world over because such noble behaviour would gain more admirers than opponents. This is because this good behaviour  is like a beautiful flower, admired and loved by all.


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The soul is a storage place, whether for keeping precious spiritual treasures including as good traits, or filthy  traits. It is up to us to fill it up. We can choose to either fill it up with the precious jewels of the good traits or the filthy rubbish of the bad traits.

From this storage place, the contents are brought out and flow back into the community through the hands, feet, eyes, ears, mouth and actions as decided by the cleverness of our mind.

Whatever we decide to store in the soul will affect everything in and around us, whether we realise it or not. The effects will target the centre of the community that we live in. So it is the community that will feel and share its effects.

If whatever that we keep in our soul is something beautiful and precious like the spiritual treasures of mahmudah traits that benefit its owner and everyone around them, such sincerity, generosity, love, gentility, humility, open to compromise, sympathy, patience, accepance, togetherness, trust in God and so on so forth, their lives and the those of the community around them would be wonderful. The community would gain a great many benefits, including:

1. The poor are taken care of.
2. Those in trouble would be provided the help they need.
3. The rich are not envied.
4. Parents, the elderly, teachers and leaders are all respected.
5. The leaders are fair.
6. Workers, children and those who are weak are all given enough love.

Peace, happiness and harmony. These are the benefits that everyone will be experience as a result of those beautiful spiritual treasures and mahmudah traits that will flow through someone with a pure heart and soul.

On the other hand, if what’s coming out of the storage place of the heart and soul are the filth of bad traits, which will poison the society around its owner. The community will be affected in many adverse ways. When the storage place of the soul contains bad traits, all sorts of negative elements will flow back into society including gossip, vengefulness, anger, greed, arrogance, ego, selfishness, carelessness, distrustfulness, lying, betrayal and so on so forth. The society will be degraded from within. This is the result of the people’s own behaviour. As said by God:

 Translated: “Mischief has appeared on land and sea because of that the hands of men have earned, that (God) may give them a taste of some of their deeds: in order that they may turn back (to the true path).” (Ar-Rum: 41)

From the poison of these flowing bad traits, society will be ruined. People will fight and enemies will form, separating the people and inciting chaos and fear among the people. All sorts of social ills and crimes will inflict the community.

Hence, we should make the effort to gain precious spiritual treasures to keep in our hearts and souls so they that will enrich us, our religion and our country, and furthermore lead to benefits in the Hereafter.

We should also work hard to stop and deter the dirty and disgusting bad  traits from entering our hearts and souls, for they would cause destruction to our selves, religion, family, society and country.


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Today, if we invite the Muslim Community [Ummah] all over the world to take and to make the Islamic Codes, Rules or Regulations [Shariah], which is derived from the Quran and Sunnah [religious actions institued by the Prophet ] as the rule of law in life, the majority of the Muslim Ummah will feel uneasy. Those who will feel uneasy and who will oppose are not the ordinary Muslims but the elite and the educated, especially those who are educated in the West. In fact, there will also be some theologians who will quibble and will bring forth various arguments as to why Islam cannot be made the constitution of life in the country.

Whenever Islam is proposed as the law and constitution, some of these people will sneer and frown and they will say among other things: “What will other races say?” “People will become fearful” “It will create turmoil and anarchy” “We do not want to be retrogressive” and “We will become backward”.

In fact, we will hear all sorts of adverse opinion from these people who oppose. But if Islam is to be regarded only as faith and spiritual practice, they will readily agree because some of those who oppose are themselves people of faith who carry out acts of spiritual practice and devotion. Their only qualm is for the Islamic law to be made the constitution of life which they cannot accept. Even if we bring forth proofs and arguments from the Quran and Sunnah, they will still not agree. Muslims of today are more inclined and receptive towards logic of the mind and rational thinking. They say this is the age of technology, the age of IT, globalisation, open skies and the borderless world. They say this is not the age of the camels.

If we are still serious in struggling and diligently continue to uphold Islam as the rule of law, we will be suspected, regarded with enmity, opposed, obstructed, banished and accused of disrupting the unity of the Ummah and posing a threat to national security. Reasons and justifications will be found for such people to be arrested. That is why Muslims who are faint-hearted or who have personal interests in the Islamic struggle are not able to fight for Islam on a global scale because they cannot bear the high risks and repercussions.

Actually, even based on mental arguments alone, it is logical, reasonable and even justified that Islam be made the law in life for all mankind in all aspects of their lives. If the hearts of these men are not inflicted by disease, even their minds can accept it. But when their hearts are diseased, especially by the love of power and the worldly, they will not accept it, no matter what arguments or proofs are brought forth to them. They will continue to quibble and to reject it. Here, let us list out the mental arguments and proofs that we feel are logical and rational as to why the Islamic Shariah that is based on the Quran and Sunnah should be made the constitution in life for mankind, not only in any one particular country but also for the whole world. Among them are:

The whole world and all that it contains including mankind himself are the creation of God. As such, who can deny the fact that the whole world and its contents belong to God. And mankind is merely the temporary tenant of the earth. It follows that it is highly illogical and irrational for mankind, who are mere tenants to make rules and regulations whereas God the Benevolent has already devised rules for the good of His servants and His vicegerents on earth. As an example, if we stay at a lodging house, do we or do the owner of the lodge have the right to make rules and to impose discipline? Surely, our mind can accept that the onus of such right belongs to the owner of the lodge. We as guests or tenants cannot do as we like.

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We must understand that God created mankind with diversity and all creations are accompanied with His blessings. If mankind are equal and similar to one another, they would be in misery and it is here that lies the hidden secrets unknown to many.

The rich and wealthy, they are responsible for the economy of the nation.
The scholars and the well informed, they are responsible for the progress of the nation.
The leaders, they are responsible for the peace and harmony in the society.
The security forces are responsible with the duties of protecting the sovereignty of the country.
The poor and needy need to exist, thus God created them as their sweat and energy doing the heavy labourious work,are very important to others. Their prayers are also required for the safety of the nation ant they should not be scorned off but their welfare should be taken care of. If everyone share the same views and willing to work together then their livelihood would not be neglected. The poor should not look down upon themselves as they do have responsibility in the society.

What is important is that every individual understands their positon in society and acts accordingly.Then, everyone will struggle and make sacrifices to best of their ability with sincerity while giving respect to one another, everyone has their own good deeds to someone else. There should be love and care as everyone complement one another with no humiliation or gossip between one each other. Everyone has a purpose and benefits in life, only if we wish to benefit from it.

Sense of God vitalizes the heart, an enjoyment for the devout
Spiritually contented at all times even during hardtimes
Superficially in misery, spiritually in contentment
For the hearts of the devout, inner enjoyment is what matters


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A person’s mind and thoughts can travel the world until there is nothing left to explore. There are no boundaries to where the mind can go, which is why that there are so many fields of knowledge and experiences that people can achieve.

The knowledge of human beings spans the highest mountains to the deepest oceans. Mankind has explored everything: deserts, wastelands, the heart of the planet, all rivers large and small, even the intricacies of the human brain.

On its journey of discovery, the human mind has wandered all four corners of the globe. The mind has roamed and explored the deepest jungles, learning about the creatures that inhabit it and other natural treasures. All the resources of the world have been explored by their minds.

The world seems to have shrunk under the scrutiny of those who study every aspect of it. There is nothing that people have not seen and analysed. All the secrets of the world are out in the open.

That is how great the human mind is in exploring every corner of the world. And this has yet to consider the additional exploring that can be done when the physical body can travel along with the mind, enabling closer study and the reveal of more secrets of God’s world.

It is with the power of the human intellect that the planet’s secrets are revealed, as though the human brain is a bird, soaring over the world freely. The world is akin to an open book, with its contents visible to anyone to read.

If that is the state of the human brain, it is free to roam the world at will. This is the extraordinary ability of the human mind as created by God Al Mighty, the Most Powerful.

Still, although the ability of the human mind seems to be without boundaries, at the same time the human soul is becoming narrower and more restricted because the faith is weak when the person is not with God. Their lives are difficult and tormented without God, as though they are in living in a darkened cell. At these times even the brain with all its abilities cannot help them. It, too, will be trapped in the darkness. All thoughts and knowledge will be powerless.

Where is the proof? There is a great deal of evidence, we need only to look around at the world we live in today. For example, whenever times are difficult, such as being hit, being criticised by the spouse, bankruptcy, losing a job, falling ill, having broken bones, being caught and put in jail, and so on so forth, the soul feels trapped and screaming for help, because the iman is weak or lacking altogether. The soul suffers. The wide world feels small and confined, and the body feels like it has been buried alive. The mind that was previously free and independent, rich in knowledge and flying all over the world cannot help. Thoughts run wild. Feelings go haywire, principles are abandoned, confidence is lost.

It is only then that we understand, if only the mind has strength but the soul is weak, then in the end the mind will also be affected and lose its usefulness, affecting everything else in the person. Their characteristics, habits, morals and behaviour will change. In fact, the only things that won’t change are their name and the colour of their skin. But all that is within them will change completely. Those around them would be shocked speechless to see the changes that come through.

That is what happens when the soul is weak and lacking in faith. The person will feel trapped whenever hardships occur. They are akin to a bird trapped in a cage, rattling and pecking and wrestling the bars in a futile attempt to free themselves, driven by madness and desperation.

This is why in Islam, everyone is commanded not only are they to strength their minds, it is more important to strengthen their souls. The soul is to be strengthened with faith and the traits of God fearing [taqwa], so that when they are tested, the soul will not suffer in agony. All their confidence and principles in their religion would not sway. Their mind will continue to function properly because the soul is stable and unaffected.

Thus, let us not say that our soul is trapped by worldly problems. Let us not confine out soul in the torment of the lust [nafs] that naturally do no want our souls to be free and independent. Let us not let our soul suffer from the hardships that come our way. We should let our souls free to explore not only the four corners of this world, but also the after death world (malakut world), spiritual world and the hereafter, so that it is as free as it can possible be from all restrictions.

In addition, what is more important is that people constantly keep their spirits close to God. They should bring God with them wherever they go, and so they are never alone. Let us make God our spiritual friend. We should not turn our back on our opportunity to be close to God.