Nobody can deny the fact that everyman whether a Muslim or otherwise possess a spiritual part (the soul) which is sensitive to environmental and phenomenal changes. In normal circumstances we may not be aware of this or may not even feel anything unusual. But when confronted with something extraordinary, our souls will be stirred enough to create sensation, or to cause us to react suitably to the situation.

For instance :

1. When we encounter something frightening, we spontaneously feel scared and eerie, or scream

2. When we see filth, we spontaneously feel revulsion and nausea

3. When we see something attractive, we feel at ease, tranquil and entertained

4. When we see delicious food, we spontaneously develop appetite

5. When we are with honourable person, we spontaneously feel respect for him

6. When we are with wiser person, we spontaneously feel inferior

7. When we are with person who has helped us, we spontaneously feel grateful and indebted

Those are our instinctive characteristics. Being very sensitive the soul can be immediately stimulated to react and work without the need for external motivation or assistance other than the stimulant itself.

From the psychological stand point, a person will carry out his life style in accordance to his inner (spiritual) requirements duly stimulated by the circumstances he is in. So we will find that ones life style reflects his spiritual nature.

(to be continued…)

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