3rd day of the trial…….

To everyone involved, 

When God is not feared or when God is out of one’s mind, one tends to lead his or her own way of life.What’s important is one can live with ease, comfort, luxury and wealth and there seems to be no concern about honour and religion.

The Messenger [Peace Be Upon Him] once said:

 Translated: “The world is the plantation of the Hereafter.”

This means that all efforts, activities, developments and civilisations that are raised in this world are like plantations whose products are to be enjoyed in the Hereafter. In Heaven awaits the rewards.

When people are fully aware of God, they will avoid doing all bad things. Such a thing would be more effective than any rule or regulation. This is because a heart that is empowered with the fear of God above all others is the strongest armour against all vices.

It is only when one fears God that their behaviour or morals will improve. This is what is meant by applying the knowledge of faith or belief ; faith belongs in the heart, not the head, and should never be limited to the tongue.

Fear of God acts as the primary line of defense against all outside enemies. Other defenses are more temporary, for although they can help in the here and now, they cannot help in the long term.

Religion and honour are precious in life, priceless, could not be exchanged with anything else. These must be upheld even if we are forced to give up our lives.This is the price of religion and honour only if we could understand and appreciate the value.

The most miraculous of God’s creations is the person with the greatest taqwa, namely the Messenger of God, Prophet Muhammad who is the most amazing creation of God when compared to other creations, in terms especially of his heart or spirit. His heart is unlike other hearts ; 

When he is hurt, he pardons and prays for the offender. When cruelty is inflicted on him, he reciprocates with goodness. When faced with difficulties, he submits to God and fears God. When granted pleasure, he feels ashamed and is afraid of God

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  1. db Says:

    The whole world will be at peace if everyone, within their heart, has the fear of God. This is not so because the fear is an attribute bestowed by Him….only those chosen ones have it!
    Altantuya Shariibuu will still be alive if those who killed her remembered God before they committed the hideous crime…Justice will be served, if not here in this world, surely on Judgement Day.

  2. Maximus Says:

    I would like to see a continuation of the topic

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