We are usually deceived with what we see. We are usually mistaken with what we think. We are usually in haste with what we desire. The absolute truth will appear with an intuitive sense that comes from a pure heart.

A righteous person feels he is the most sinful person among others and thus he simply have no time or moment to have a look at others’ wrongdoings.

The heart is similar to an empty bowl, both the angels and evils grabbing the opportunity to fill it up. Beware! Do not let the evil win as he will fill it up with sinful things.

With religous independence, everyone is given the freedom to practise their own faith and no one is allowed to belittle or hate one another on religous grounds. There is freedom of explanation in the search of the truth giving opportunity for everyone to have the true and clear faith as there is only one truth from God.

With mental independence, there is freedom for everyone to voice out opinions and thoughts without any fear or worries.

But there is one very important form of independence which is frequently forgotten and yet it is the one determining the peace and harmony in one’s life. More importantly it even determines whether one goes to Heaven or Hell. Which form of independence is this?

It is the independence from evil nafs [desire], contributing to ill traits which has been destroying mankind, it has been destroying individuals and others including wealth and property.This independence means there is freedom from ill traits, the greatest destroyer which is then transformed to the beautiful serene noble traits.

Freedom from destruction caused by hatred, arrogance, anger,slander. Freedom from vindictiveness, stinginess, greediness , laziness , inactive, self pride, self importance and glamour.These ill traits are offending almost everyone and would be replaced by kindness, humbleness, gentleness which are loved by all. Generosity, hardworking, bravery, forgivefullnes developed into a culture. Sincerity, thoughtfulness for others, all deeply felt in the heart. There is Love for God, fear Him, getting closer to Him , all to be felt in the heart. This is the “True Independence”

Good deeds and honourable character radiate from a virtuous heart. Bad deeds and devious characters radiate from an impure or evil heart. It has nothing to do with our mind except when the heart is virtuous together with an intelligent mind, there will be many great ideas on how to implement good things. On the other hand when the heart is devious and impure together with an intelligent mind, there will be many ideas on how to do evil things.
Please show us, oh God, the way to the truth
So that we do not get astrayed on our way to You
Oh God, please save us!

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5 Comments on “THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH”

  1. lily Says:

    AN OATH IN THE COURT…” I promise to say the truth and nothing else but the truth, so help me God ”

    How many of us do really know God?
    How many of us keep to that promise?

  2. ANGRY Says:

    Yeah, especially the police guy yesterday who testified and lied that he didn’t know any Malay or English. He must be paid to be pure from the Great MainLand of India..It’s unbeliavable!!

  3. june Says:

    the first witness is a private investigator, an ex-policeman. Today, he admitted he lied to the late Altantuya…..the truth are coming out.

  4. athirah Says:

    Thank you so much for the latest information. My heart almost skipped a bit hearing that.
    May the truth saves us all & May God saves Malaysia.

  5. May Says:

    going through the court proceedings must be an experience that most people will not forget….especially for those accused and death awaits them if found guilty.

    All of us will being go through court hearing, whether we like it or not, in the Hereafter. God is the Chief Judge while His witnesses are our physical parts…they will testify to all our good and bad deeds.There will be a film screened. Absolute truth, nothing else but the truth.

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