It is a fact that people pay a great deal of attention to their physical heath. There a thousand and one ways of doing this; if one is sick no time would be wasted in getting to a doctor. If the doctor is ineffective, one would quickly move to another doctor or specialist.

The strange thing is, people do not act with such urgency if their spiritual health is being effected. Either they do not care about it, or think it’s not important. Whereas the results of spiritual diseases are more dire; they lead to evils in this world and torture in the hereafter.

Let us have a look at why it is so important to take care of our heart and soul:

1. Because the soul is permanent, unlike the temporary nature of the physical body. In the Hereafter, the soul will have a new form.

2. It is the soul that will feel the rewards or suffer the punishments in the Hereafter.

3. It is the soul that is the target of the angels and evils. The angels want to fill it with iman and confidence, while the evils want to fill it with evilness and doubts.

4. The soul is where God’s (spiritual guidance) ilham and knowledge is accepted and stored

5. If a person’s soul is clean, God will bestow them with ‘firasat’ (the most accurate intuition).

6. If a person’s soul is very clean, their sense of sight will become sharper than what their physical eyes are capable of. God will give them ability to see things that are invisible to normal people. This is the mukasyafatul qulub.

7. The heart, or soul, is the ruler of the body. If the heart is good, it will command its troops (the body’s limbs) to do good things. If it is evil, it will command its troops to do evil.

8. It is the receptacle for both the good (mahmudah) traits that everyone desires as well as the bad (mazmumah)  traits that everyone hates and has to stay away from.

9. This is where all emotions come from: happiness or sorrow, comfort or stress, calm or worry, hope or frustration, joy or disappointment, love or hate, trust or scepticism, optimism or pessimism, sympathy or yearning.

10. All of our physical actions are reflections of the goodness or badness of our heart and soul.

11. The heart contains the sight and value of God, while the body sees only the physical plane.

12. All spiritual inspiration ( hidayah) comes from the heart or soul.

13. The best of all good (mahmudah)  traits is sincerity ( ikhlas) which determines whether our good deeds will be accepted or rejected by God. It is our heart and soul that contains the true value of our ‘sincerity’, and only God can see it.

14. If  someone does something good, no one would say that it is their hands or feet that are good, but their hearts.

15. Endurance comes from a strength of soul/heart.

16. All changes that occur in one’s life are only the result of the changes that occur within their heart and soul.

17. Diseases of the soul lead to Hell; diseases of the body lead to Heaven (the difficulties are suffering of the corporeal body eradicate sins).

18. No matter how bad a physical disease can be, it would only affect your body. If the soul is diseased, it would affect everything in your life and everyone all around you.

19. If the body is ill, the worst that can happen is death. If the soul is ill, its faith will be destroyed.

20. Bodily diseases are only temporary, but spiritual diseases cause eternal suffering.

21. Only humans abhor physical diseases; God abhors spiritual diseases.

22. Physical ills affect the body, spiritual ills affect your faith.

23. Sometimes we can receive signs from God through dreams, whether clearly or in a parable. It is the soul that sees the dream, not the eyes.

24. The Messenger commands us to be afraid of the soul’s vision. God’s instructions do not ask us to be afraid of the normal eye’s vision.

25. Physical diseases are not contemptible in Islam, but spiritual diseases are.

26. Physical diseases do not cause mistrust between people, but spiritual diseases do.

27. Physical diseases do not lead to the forming rivalries, enemies and wars, but spiritual diseases do.

28. The soul can travel free from the body and see all sorts of unusual things with God’s permission.

29. After the death, the soul can return to visit its family, but the body cannot.

30. People feel sympathy for those with physical diseases, but not those with spiritual diseases.

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  1. Syuhada Says:

    Quote : It is the soul that is the target of the angels and evils. The angels want to fill it with iman and confidence, while the evils want to fill it with evilness and doubts.

    The Altantuya Shariibuu case is an example of how evils have successfully corrupted the minds and souls of all those involved.

    Altantuya is dead, may her soul rest in peace…
    The rest of us who are still alive, there is time to repent and reveal the truth.

  2. heliconia Says:

    So far, some witnesses obviously twisted the truth & mixing it with lies. Most of the evils were within the selves of those involved. .
    The cold blooded homicide, followed by the bombing of the already dead body with explosives that could take down a 4 storey buliding like WTC, is worse than evil.
    I’m really concern about this trial, because it invoves our religion and the dignity of our country…

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