Among the reasons that someone’s soul is unsettled are as follows:

1. They have often been cruel to others.

2. They have sinned too much.

3. They have insulted and been cruel to their parents.

4. They have insulted and been cruel to their teachers, especially teachers that show the way to the Hereafter.

5. They don’t believe in God

6. They no longer hope for God’s aid.

7. They are being tested when their faith (iman) is weak or not there at all.

Peace or calmness is centred in the spiritual heart. It needs to be taken care for because when peace is lost, so is happiness. And when happiness is gone, life is no longer beautiful, no matter how rich you are, or if you live in a castle together with power and a beautiful wife and all those sorts of things.

When peace is lost, that person will constantly be distressed. Anything that they do will turn out wrong somehow. They lose their appetite, sleep fitfully, can no longer concentrate, are constantly staring off into space, cannot pay attention when people talk to them, become anti-social, and cannot even concentrate enough to read. Their friends are worried when they see them. They are quick to lose their temper, irresponsible, anti-social, easily sulking, are easily offended, have no patience, cannot face any challenges, are quickly bored with work, unmanage their daily needs and prefer not to talk.

Anyone in those unsettled conditions, if they do not have strong faith or knowledge, they will be unable to control that feeling of distress, no matter if they are on their own or not. They constantly look gloomy and their hearts are in torment, and everyone around them can see it.

But if they are clever and have a certain status in society, maybe they are able to control their feelings in order to uphold their public persona and appearance. But when they are alone the feelings come back out and the distress in their heart is revealed in their face.

There are those who have good looks, are cheerful and happy-go-lucky, and it is difficult to detect the feelings in their heart. But if they cannot control it, then their feelings will be visible on their face. So when someone who is usually cheerful and outgoing suddenly becomes quiet, loses their cheer, prefers to be alone and no longer jokes around. Their spouse, family and friends all become worried.

To lose this feeling of unease, one should stop doing wrong to others and ask for forgiveness from those that we have wrong in the past. Leave sins and return to depending on God. God willing,  the peace will not leave.

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