First and foremost, the struggle for truth is the struggle for God; He is to be known, admired, glorified, feared, loved and brought into every possible aspect of a person’s life.

It is only when mankind finds God this way that His codes, rules, regulations and all else becomes truly useful. If God is not at the forefront of the struggle, then His regulations is nothing more than ideology. Religion must be connected to God.

If God is not feared and loved, His rules and regulation is easily forgotten. When God is not prioritised, glorified and admired, His regulatioans will not seem important anymore. People tend to be selective when practising God’s regulations, picking and choosing only what they feel will benefit them. If the regulations becomes troublesome, it is too easily pushed aside.

In conclusion, other aspects such as justice, unity, laws against disobedience and cruelty, are all easily practised and carried out if God is at the forefront of it all. All of God’s regulatioans , whether they are commands or prohibitions, become beautiful and easy to practice. Even the small things become valuable and enjoyable to practice, what more the more important things.

God created two roles for mankind: as servants and as caliphs. As servants, God has commanded for everyone to get to know Him in all His glory, greatness and supremacy over all things. The result would be one whose heart has been completely filled with tauhid, a love and fear of God so great that it could never run out. The greatness of God is felt deep within, for God is the Most Kind, the Most Loving, the Most Powerful and so on so forth.

To know God deeply is to feel fear, worry, love and hope, and to know that it is on God alone that we can depend on. To have God is to have everything, just as to lose God is to lose everything.

Then a deep humbleness would enter the heart, leading to an awareness of how weak, meagre [dhaif] , inadequate, disobedient and forgetful we human beings are. Not only that, but we should also feel limited, ineffective, unintelligent and ignorant. We must be confident that everything that happens has its God-given meaning and positive outcome behind it. We have to accept that every single thing has a positive purpose from God the Most Sublime and Most Great.

The consequence of being aware of God and being humble before Him is a servant of God who is full of God fearing [taqwa]. When one fears God, one would automatically loathe and turn away from all evil deeds, and instead decide to clean oneself from all poisonous bad [mazmumah] traits.

Love for God is the greatest motivation for His servants to become good, dedicated, loyal and useful individuals. Love of God inspires the best good traits in all those who feel it. When a servant of God manages to achieve this, he shall be saved and in turn will lead to the saving of others.

The second role of mankind is as the caliph. As the caliph, God has commanded mankind to rule, govern, organise, develop and handle all aspects of the public’s every day life. The public has many needs including education, economy, culture, politics, social, health, nutrition, government, technological communication and so on so forth.

All of the public’s needs have to be arranged and taken care of in the best possible way. Because this earth ultimately belongs to God, the task of the caliph is a responsibility bestowed by Him. Hence, God has commanded this task to be in sync with servitude towards Him. All the activities of the caliph have to safe and active in the saving others, thus leading to the prosperity and benefit of mankind.

How can the people given the responsibility of the caliph be confident of their ability to fulfil this mission? It is evident to all that the world is full of people with a dog-eat-dog attitude that encourages dishonesty and selfishness. It is for so-called ‘progress’ that people have fought, cheated, coerced, killed and even gone to war over. Progress and development have lost their meaning; instead of encouraging the happiness and harmony of mankind, it causes their destruction.

In order to find the cause of all this damage, we need not look any further than the leaders in charge: these are people who have taken the responsibilities of caliph upon themselves, but have ignored their role as servants of God. In other words, the leaders and administrators are people who don’t know God, do not feel His presence and do not dedicate themselves to His service. These are people without taqwa, people who are full of bad traits, and are treacherous, immoral and full of sin. It is only when a leader has fulfilled his responsibility as a servant of God that he will be able to fulfil his responsibility as caliph.

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