A person’s mind and thoughts can travel the world until there is nothing left to explore. There are no boundaries to where the mind can go, which is why that there are so many fields of knowledge and experiences that people can achieve.

The knowledge of human beings spans the highest mountains to the deepest oceans. Mankind has explored everything: deserts, wastelands, the heart of the planet, all rivers large and small, even the intricacies of the human brain.

On its journey of discovery, the human mind has wandered all four corners of the globe. The mind has roamed and explored the deepest jungles, learning about the creatures that inhabit it and other natural treasures. All the resources of the world have been explored by their minds.

The world seems to have shrunk under the scrutiny of those who study every aspect of it. There is nothing that people have not seen and analysed. All the secrets of the world are out in the open.

That is how great the human mind is in exploring every corner of the world. And this has yet to consider the additional exploring that can be done when the physical body can travel along with the mind, enabling closer study and the reveal of more secrets of God’s world.

It is with the power of the human intellect that the planet’s secrets are revealed, as though the human brain is a bird, soaring over the world freely. The world is akin to an open book, with its contents visible to anyone to read.

If that is the state of the human brain, it is free to roam the world at will. This is the extraordinary ability of the human mind as created by God Al Mighty, the Most Powerful.

Still, although the ability of the human mind seems to be without boundaries, at the same time the human soul is becoming narrower and more restricted because the faith is weak when the person is not with God. Their lives are difficult and tormented without God, as though they are in living in a darkened cell. At these times even the brain with all its abilities cannot help them. It, too, will be trapped in the darkness. All thoughts and knowledge will be powerless.

Where is the proof? There is a great deal of evidence, we need only to look around at the world we live in today. For example, whenever times are difficult, such as being hit, being criticised by the spouse, bankruptcy, losing a job, falling ill, having broken bones, being caught and put in jail, and so on so forth, the soul feels trapped and screaming for help, because the iman is weak or lacking altogether. The soul suffers. The wide world feels small and confined, and the body feels like it has been buried alive. The mind that was previously free and independent, rich in knowledge and flying all over the world cannot help. Thoughts run wild. Feelings go haywire, principles are abandoned, confidence is lost.

It is only then that we understand, if only the mind has strength but the soul is weak, then in the end the mind will also be affected and lose its usefulness, affecting everything else in the person. Their characteristics, habits, morals and behaviour will change. In fact, the only things that won’t change are their name and the colour of their skin. But all that is within them will change completely. Those around them would be shocked speechless to see the changes that come through.

That is what happens when the soul is weak and lacking in faith. The person will feel trapped whenever hardships occur. They are akin to a bird trapped in a cage, rattling and pecking and wrestling the bars in a futile attempt to free themselves, driven by madness and desperation.

This is why in Islam, everyone is commanded not only are they to strength their minds, it is more important to strengthen their souls. The soul is to be strengthened with faith and the traits of God fearing [taqwa], so that when they are tested, the soul will not suffer in agony. All their confidence and principles in their religion would not sway. Their mind will continue to function properly because the soul is stable and unaffected.

Thus, let us not say that our soul is trapped by worldly problems. Let us not confine out soul in the torment of the lust [nafs] that naturally do no want our souls to be free and independent. Let us not let our soul suffer from the hardships that come our way. We should let our souls free to explore not only the four corners of this world, but also the after death world (malakut world), spiritual world and the hereafter, so that it is as free as it can possible be from all restrictions.

In addition, what is more important is that people constantly keep their spirits close to God. They should bring God with them wherever they go, and so they are never alone. Let us make God our spiritual friend. We should not turn our back on our opportunity to be close to God.

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