We must understand that God created mankind with diversity and all creations are accompanied with His blessings. If mankind are equal and similar to one another, they would be in misery and it is here that lies the hidden secrets unknown to many.

The rich and wealthy, they are responsible for the economy of the nation.
The scholars and the well informed, they are responsible for the progress of the nation.
The leaders, they are responsible for the peace and harmony in the society.
The security forces are responsible with the duties of protecting the sovereignty of the country.
The poor and needy need to exist, thus God created them as their sweat and energy doing the heavy labourious work,are very important to others. Their prayers are also required for the safety of the nation ant they should not be scorned off but their welfare should be taken care of. If everyone share the same views and willing to work together then their livelihood would not be neglected. The poor should not look down upon themselves as they do have responsibility in the society.

What is important is that every individual understands their positon in society and acts accordingly.Then, everyone will struggle and make sacrifices to best of their ability with sincerity while giving respect to one another, everyone has their own good deeds to someone else. There should be love and care as everyone complement one another with no humiliation or gossip between one each other. Everyone has a purpose and benefits in life, only if we wish to benefit from it.

Sense of God vitalizes the heart, an enjoyment for the devout
Spiritually contented at all times even during hardtimes
Superficially in misery, spiritually in contentment
For the hearts of the devout, inner enjoyment is what matters

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5 Comments on “HIDDEN SECRETS”

  1. May Says:

    The whole world is anxiously waiting to see the outcome of this trial…
    Altantuya’s family anxiously waiting for those responsible to be punished through the court process.
    Razak Baginda’s family, staff and friends being proud of ‘something’ waiting for the moment when he can be freed of all the charges.
    The other two police officers and their familyies who have been on the low profile are anxiously waiting as well.

    And yet we are never anxiously waiting for death knocking on our door, as it may appear at anytime of the day or night. God loves His servants who remember Him endlessly and tirelessly.

  2. db Says:

    Let us all pray to God to reveal the secrets related to this Altantuya Shariibuu case.Those responsible for this crime , directly or indirectly have to admit their evil actions. Believe in God, the truth will surely emerge.

  3. nobody Says:

    may, nowadays people don’t care about death whatsoever. what say you? enjoy life.

  4. Mulan Says:

    Nobody Above the LAW: but it may work differently in Malaysia.
    Nobody Above GOD: Yes True, GOD will jugde those who are Guilty.
    Praise the God.

  5. heliconia Says:

    It may work differnetly in Malaysia but not for long..

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