Today, if we invite the Muslim Community [Ummah] all over the world to take and to make the Islamic Codes, Rules or Regulations [Shariah], which is derived from the Quran and Sunnah [religious actions institued by the Prophet ] as the rule of law in life, the majority of the Muslim Ummah will feel uneasy. Those who will feel uneasy and who will oppose are not the ordinary Muslims but the elite and the educated, especially those who are educated in the West. In fact, there will also be some theologians who will quibble and will bring forth various arguments as to why Islam cannot be made the constitution of life in the country.

Whenever Islam is proposed as the law and constitution, some of these people will sneer and frown and they will say among other things: “What will other races say?” “People will become fearful” “It will create turmoil and anarchy” “We do not want to be retrogressive” and “We will become backward”.

In fact, we will hear all sorts of adverse opinion from these people who oppose. But if Islam is to be regarded only as faith and spiritual practice, they will readily agree because some of those who oppose are themselves people of faith who carry out acts of spiritual practice and devotion. Their only qualm is for the Islamic law to be made the constitution of life which they cannot accept. Even if we bring forth proofs and arguments from the Quran and Sunnah, they will still not agree. Muslims of today are more inclined and receptive towards logic of the mind and rational thinking. They say this is the age of technology, the age of IT, globalisation, open skies and the borderless world. They say this is not the age of the camels.

If we are still serious in struggling and diligently continue to uphold Islam as the rule of law, we will be suspected, regarded with enmity, opposed, obstructed, banished and accused of disrupting the unity of the Ummah and posing a threat to national security. Reasons and justifications will be found for such people to be arrested. That is why Muslims who are faint-hearted or who have personal interests in the Islamic struggle are not able to fight for Islam on a global scale because they cannot bear the high risks and repercussions.

Actually, even based on mental arguments alone, it is logical, reasonable and even justified that Islam be made the law in life for all mankind in all aspects of their lives. If the hearts of these men are not inflicted by disease, even their minds can accept it. But when their hearts are diseased, especially by the love of power and the worldly, they will not accept it, no matter what arguments or proofs are brought forth to them. They will continue to quibble and to reject it. Here, let us list out the mental arguments and proofs that we feel are logical and rational as to why the Islamic Shariah that is based on the Quran and Sunnah should be made the constitution in life for mankind, not only in any one particular country but also for the whole world. Among them are:

The whole world and all that it contains including mankind himself are the creation of God. As such, who can deny the fact that the whole world and its contents belong to God. And mankind is merely the temporary tenant of the earth. It follows that it is highly illogical and irrational for mankind, who are mere tenants to make rules and regulations whereas God the Benevolent has already devised rules for the good of His servants and His vicegerents on earth. As an example, if we stay at a lodging house, do we or do the owner of the lodge have the right to make rules and to impose discipline? Surely, our mind can accept that the onus of such right belongs to the owner of the lodge. We as guests or tenants cannot do as we like.

Any building that is to be used as a place of lodging such as a hotel, hospital or guest house, must have its rules and regulations drafted by the owner for the safety of the building and its occupants. This is more so with God, the Creator of the universe, Who is most Wise and Who greatly loves His servants. For the safety of His servants, He provides rules and regulation. It is highly unreasonable for God to create without rules and regulations. It is highly irrational for God to create and then leave His creations without rules and guidance whereas mankind himself, whenever he creates anything will issue out rules pertaining to whatever he creates.

It never happens in our lives for the user of an appliance to make the manual for its safety. Normally it is the person who makes the appliance who knows his creation better than anybody else. That is why it is the car makers who write the manual for the cars that they produce. It follows that since the earth and mankind is created by God, it is God who knows everything about them. Thus, for the safety of mankind, God sets the rules in the form of the Islamic Shariah as contained in the Quran and the Sunnah.

Our innate nature and our mind cannot accept someone who comes into our house and starts to make rules and regulations and does whatever he likes. So too, a stable mind and a pure heart will surely be able to accept the fact that we, as the servants of God who are temporary boarders of this earth, cannot make rules and regulations as we like and to do as we please. We did not create this world and we do not own it. We are here only for a certain specific time. And we too are created like everything else. It is pure discourtesy to make our own rules and to do as we please, and to reject the rules of God who created us and the earth upon which we live. In all fairness, we should feel shameful and guilty to reject the rule of God.

Let us take a big family that lives in a big house which is headed by a wise and responsible father. For the good of the whole family and to achieve peace and unity, whose leadership and rules should the family abide to? The leadership and rules of the father as head of the family or rules made by other members of the family? Our stable mind and innate tendency can surely agree that the rules of the father will be more easily accepted by everyone because he is the common father. No one will feel jealous or spiteful. But if everyone is allowed to make rules then there will be disputes because the eldest brother for instance will feel intimidated and will not accept the views of his younger brother. The eldest brother do not see why he should follow hihiyounger brother. The younger brother on the other hand will feel that although he is younger, he is more qualified because he has a university education. Why should he follow his elder brother who is not educated. Or anyone else who makes the rules may have personal interests. Others will doubtful and suspicious of him and will not accept his rules.

Such is the situation in the world where there are various tribes and races who together share and inhabit the earth. If every person, tribe or race makes rules, such as the various ideologies that include socialism, nationalism, communism or capitalism to be applied to everyone, surely the other peoples who inhabit the earth will feel that the originator of the rules and systems must have hidden interests for the benefit of his own tribe, race or group which means, people will be suspicious. In addition to that, other people will be taunted and intimidated. They will say, “We too can make rules and systems. Why should we follow one another?” This being the case, when will mankind ever unite? But if mankind can accept that it is the common God who create them and the earth and they together are mere tenants on this earth of God, their egos will not be affected or hurt. If there are people who still oppose the rule of God, then they are clearly wicked and evil for daring to confront and to oppose their own creator (Khaliq).

In the lives of mankind there is a need for various systems, may it be in politics, the economy, the society, education, communication, the military, culture and in international affairs. As such, there is nothing to fear in Islam because Islam contains all the above systems which are complete and just for the good of mankind all over the world. This system was adopted and proven in history for seven hundred years beginning from the times of the Rasulullah SAW. All tribes and races who lived under the system felt safe and satisfied although there were among them who did not convert to Islam. They felt more comfortable living under the Islamic system brought to them by the Muslims rather than under the rules and systems created by their own people.

Besides faith and acts of spiritual practice, the rules, laws and character in Islam are universal in nature. This means, the inborn nature of man can accept and share rules and laws. In fact such are the very rules and laws that mankind always long for, desire and seek because it constitutes the beauty of human life itself. Examples of positive attributes desired and accepted by all mankind are justice, sincerity, love and care, honesty, keeping promises, generosity, giving preference to others, cooperation and forgiveness. Examples of negative deeds and attributes that are commonly abhorred by all mankind are adultery, theft, deception, treachery, deceit, killing, robbery, tyranny and laziness. In Islam, positive attributes are encouraged and lauded and are given good rewards by God. Negative attributes are abhorred and opposed. Islam even metes out punishment on earth for these negative deeds and attributes and in the Hereafter, transgressors are thrown into hell. Both these positive and negative attributes are not given any importance in the teachings of other religions and ideologies. If any at all, they are not regarded as seriously as in the Islamic teaching.

The good and beauty of the Islamic system is proven and is recorded in history. In fact it has become the subject of research and study. Its good and beauty has been accepted by people of many tribes, races and faiths that include Christians and Jews. They feel assured and comfortable living under the Islamic system. This is not so with other systems especially the ones that come from the West whether they are in the form of religion such as Christianity or ideologies such as liberalism and capitalism, or even communism that comes from China and Russia. It is recorded in history that such ideologies were tyrannical and were full of injustice and oppression. Mankind lived in Hell although at the same time there were advancement in knowledge, progress and development. It was Muslims who especially suffered under such systems. The whole world knows this and no one can deny it.

When Muslim nations were colonized, especially by Western powers and after the nations gained their independence one after another since approximately sixty years ago, the laws of all of the Muslim nations that gained their independence have not reverted back to Islam. Even if there is, it is only in name. In practice it, is not implemented well and seriously. There are Muslim nations whose laws are based on socialism, nationalism, liberal capitalism or western democracy, purportedly to build unity, love and care, progress, knowledge, development, economic strength, the military and social harmony which are free from negative and unhealthy symptoms. They fear and they worry to return to the Islamic constitution and in fact there are some nations which blatantly oppose the Islamic law.

What is the outcome of this? Progress and development generally has not reached any laudable proportions. Muslims are still dependent upon others for knowledge. Political crisis is never ending and economically, many Muslim nations are poor although they are rich in natural resources. Even if there are rich Muslim nations, the wealth are controlled by a small and restricted group of people while the general populace remain poor and in destitution.

Crisis, clashes, killing and war happen more often in Muslim nations. Negative symptoms within the society, misuse of drugs, bribery and corruption, adultery, consumption of liquor, family disruption, rape and incest are also rife in Muslim nations. All these happen because of the systems mentioned above and not because of the Islamic law. These experiences should make Muslims realize and take heed especially the theologians, national leaders, economists, intellectuals and the various public figures because they are the ones who can appreciate and think. In facing this dilemma, Muslims should return to Islam with more purpose and conviction and with the full realization that Islam belongs to them and has proven to be good and effective for hundreds of years before. With the Islamic teaching, Muslims will become the teachers and examples to be emulated by people of other races. There is no reason why we should wait any longer. We have tried other systems and they have failed. They brought us only disdain, weakness, fractionation and disunity, transgression, disintegration of the society and misery.

Do we wish to continue the laws that we borrowed and that has destroyed us? Or are we courageous enough to accept Islam in its totality as our constitution in life for our own good and for the good of the whole universe.

With their ideology, the West achieved success in knowledge and physical development. They have pioneered various fields of knowledge. Their scientific and technological know-how are advanced and sophisticated; their progress and development are admirable. But in the field of human development, they have gravely failed. Their humanity are utterly destroyed, disintegrated and ruined. They have no shame and modesty. Their lives are filled with lewd sex and pornography, much like that of animals. Rape, adultery, homosexuality and lesbianism has become their culture. Not only is adultery rife but incest is also common. The family system is disrupted. People become individualistic. They practice wife swapping, free sex, they disregard religion, they neglect the aged, their youths are wild, shooting and killing becomes a source of entertainment and suicide is taken as the solution to problems that cannot be overcome. Leaders, intellectuals and public figures are bewildered and are at a loss in searching for the remedy for such confusion and crisis. They are bored and disappointed with their own system of life but they have no alternative. To emulate Islam, they can see no model. Muslims themselves are very much like them because the system of life that they practice are the same or are almost similar.

This being the situation, why are Muslims still reluctant to think? Why do Muslims still follow the Westerners, whose system of life have failed and have destroyed their humanity. Their system can build the physical but will destroy the spiritual. Their system can give birth to the symbols of the pompousness of timber trees of the forest in human form. Their system fail to produce the symbols of God within the selves of man.

Those are among our arguments as to why mankind all over the world and Muslims in particular should and must accept the laws of Islam as their constitution in life. The above arguments are clearly acceptable to the mind and are perfectly logical. As such, what is still not right with the Islamic law? Is there anything left to be feared? The fact that the Islamic law must be made sovereign is logical, and is not shameful. A sound and unprejudiced mind can accept it and in fact should accept it. We hope that our country, Malaysia will become the first nation in the world at this end of time to adopt Islam as its national constitution.

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