A hadith translated:

“Verily, the best people are those with the best morals.” (As related by At Tabrani)

It should be noted that spiritual development for the purpose of forming people with good morals and virtues is not an easy task. It is not easy for a family, what more a school, town, district, state or country. Material development, such as building a 100 storey-building, would be a far easier undertaking than to development someone’s soul.

 A 100-storey skyscraper might take three years to complete, but a person’s soul might take 30 years, and even then there is no guarantee of success. Hence, God sent His representatives, the Prophets and Messengers to develop the community’s spirituality. Those who obediently follow the teachings are the saints,  scholars, and finally the non-religious. When it comes to (behaviour), it’s divided into two:

 Firstly: to God.

Secondly: to mankind.

Good Behaviour  to God  encompasses a few things, the greatest of which is iman (belief) in Him. Good behaviour also includes constant worship to Him, sincerity, constant awareness of Him and knowing that He  is everywhere and that He sees, hears and knows everything that we feel, and thus we should feel embarrassed, fearful, love, patient etc…

Good behaviour  to mankind includes love, generosity, friendliness, fairness, trustworthiness, truthfulness, humility, compromise, gentleness, helpfulness and always thinking the best of others. Besides these two main branches of behaviour , there is also the behaviour towards animals as well as  the trees, rocks and so on so forth. We cannot torture animals. If we rear animals such as goats, we have to prepare its stables and food, provide medicine if it is sick, and if it needs to be slaughtered, we must use a sharp knife.

Such behaviour also refers to the environment, such as the trees, for we cannot cut trees down as we like; there must be proper and beneficial reasons for chopping them down.

Thus how beautiful and wide the scope of behaviour is in Islam, the religion of the end of time. It seeks to unite everyone, and is admired by everyone including the non-Muslims.

Hence, if the Islamic nation returns to the good behaviour of the three centuries after The Prophet’s time, Muslims would be respected and admired the world over because such noble behaviour would gain more admirers than opponents. This is because this good behaviour  is like a beautiful flower, admired and loved by all.

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2 Comments on “Moral is a BEAUTIFUL FLOWER”

  1. jentan Says:

    In Christianity, we believe that the words of Christ wash. They make us clean, killing God’s adversary within us. They are the WATER OF LIFE. They sanctify us because Christ Himself is the Life Giving Spirit. When Christ speaks to us, it leads to our inward transformation. When we are transformed, Christ is victorious.
    Otherwise, we will bring Him shame.

    What about the Islamic religion? What does it teach?

    Does Allah allow or encourage his followers to be Unjust and Unfair?

  2. Idetrorce Says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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