The Society Longed By Mankind


What kind of society do we want? or in other words, what is the pattern of that society as required by God, that once existed in history and which we are now struggling to reestablish?

In that society, surely everybody will be satisfied, feels calm and serene, peaceful and full of tranquility, safe and full of salvation, happy and contented, feel loved and cared for and are in harmony.

In the society we want and that which God requires, the leaders are just, protecting and loving, gentle and of good character. The educated are humble and full of self-humiliation. Everybody who mixes with them feels at ease and satisfied. The rich and wealthy are not arrogant, not exhibitive and are not proud. They become banks for the society or the nation. Furthermore the poor and the destitute get support from them. They are loved and they give out love. There is no one who hates them except those who are spiteful and envious.

In the society that we are waiting for, the pious or the scholars are like torches who light up each person’s life towards the path accepted by God. They are compassionate towards the ignorant and are always guiding and teaching them. They are gentle to other men. Their love and compassion is obvious. Just seeing their faces, reminds one of God. They are very much loved. Men turn to them for support and advice.

In the society we are waiting for, the patience of the poor is clearly visible. They do not go around begging, let alone deceive. They are not in anxiety but instead, are calm and pacifying. Others do not realise the fact that they are poor and destitute, while, in fact they have nothing to their names, for they never beg or cause any inconvenience to people.

In the society we are waiting for, the aged are respected because their charisma is high and preserved. The older they get, the closer they are to God. Their words are like pearls, always disseminating knowledge to people. As they get older, the more they are loved. They are not neglected, what more by their children and grandchildren.

Besides that, in the society that we want, its youth are of honorable character and their shyness is plain to see especially among the girls and women. There is no useless free mixing of the sexes, they are diligent at work and they actively struggle to uphold the rule of God. They do not waste time seeking enjoyment. Their time is filled with all things good and useful. They strongly protect the good name and dignity of religion, race and nation. They are like fences and fortresses.

Further than that, in the society that we long for, no disobedience and vices occur in the open. Crime does not exist. If any at all, it happens only once in a while, for all men feel the fear of God and truly love the Hereafter.

Articles left or lost will surely be found or returned.Womenfolk who walk alone, will not be harassed and molested. Her safety and dignity is guarded together, as though she is a member of the family even though she is not known by anyone.

In such a society, neighbours respect each other, take care of each other, oversee each other, exchange gifts, help and assist each other and visit each other especially when one falls ill. Each is concerned with the other and when a neighbour is in difficulty, there will always be others who will assist him and care for him.

It follows that in the society that we are looking for, people who commit wrongdoing readily ask for forgiveness and the wronged readily forgives although forgiveness is not solicited. Revenge and vendetta do not exist, envy and grudge do not happen and killing do not occur. Consideration for other people is a way of life. The world is not a source of strife and avenues for quarrels and disputes are non existent. The whole world is full of love and care and harmony.

In this society longed by mankind, those who are in difficulty, the poor and those facing mishaps will not be left unassisted. People will rush to help and give aid to them. Those who are poor and in difficulty really feel assisted. Although outwardly they appear to be poor but the truth is that they are not troubled because everyone is concerned about them.

In fact, those who are poor live better than those who are from the middle class. In the society that we want, anywhere we go and anywhere we travel to, it is easy for us to be received as guests. People rush to receive us and every form of assistance is offered all along the way. If we run out of supplies, there are always people who will give assistance and help. If we are lost, there are always people who will show us the way. In our journeys, we will never feel alone as there will always be new friends and acquaintances made.Also in the society that we want, (the signs of God ), the greatness of God and His (symbols) are seen everywhere.

Wherever we go, we will see people carrying out acts of subservience, handsomely attired to cover the body in accordance to the rules and codes, giving and answering the “salam/peace greetings”, reciting the Quran, learning religion, being well mannered, with noble culture, helping one another, who are tolerant, who give priority to others, who love to treat, to entertain and to receive guests and who give and assist.

Further, in the society that we desire, the scholars, leaders, teachers, parents, and the aged are respected and cherished, children are loved, husbands and wives are loving to one another, the poor are given aid and sympathy, friends are loyal, treachery does not exist, trust is upheld, responsibility is carried out, promises are kept and debility is accepted and forgiven.

And still further, in the society, wherever we go, we will not see people loitering around wasting their time, no one will be out of work or are unemployed, and no one will be seen reveling without any purpose. Everyone is involved doing good and beneficial work either for his God or for his fellowmen.

In the society that we want, people are busy with development, active in making advancement, but without any accompanying transgression.

There is no corruption, no deceit, no oppression and no neglect. There is no transgression of the (rules of God). The more the people are developed and advanced, the more humble, generous and thankful they become and the more they fear God.

Hence, physical advancement and spiritual advancement goes hand in hand. There is simultaneous movement in the physical and spiritual development. The world and the Hereafter are developed together. What we then have is an advanced civilization and magnificent development that no longer symbolizes the arrogance of man but the supremacy of God, the greatness of the Creator, the power of the Creator, and the symbols of His power, and the abundance of His pleasures and blessings.

The effect is that non-Muslims or if there still exist, the minority of Muslims whose hearts are still wicked, they will be ashamed to commit any evil deeds. They feel guilty to commit any wrongdoing. Although they are not necessarily ashamed to their God, but they are ashamed to other men and they feel they should not be committing wrong. This indirectly helps to maintain peace and serenity in the society. Blessed by the fact that the majority of the people are good, coupled by the fact that they love and care for their leaders, the sholars and the rich among them who are just, generous, who love the people, who are of good character and who are charismatic, these bad hats will shy away from doing the wrong and the improper. Hence, the society becomes peaceful, serene, unified, loving and caring, tranquil, at ease, happy and harmonious, without the element of fear and worry. The people are no longer afraid of the evil of man.

They feel there will be no more people who will cheat, steal their property, commit treachery, taking opportunity, doing things for their self-interest, who rob, kidnap, rape, sabotage and the like. There will evolve a kind of life that God pictured in the Quran, which means

“A nation that is peaceful, prosperous and blessed with the forgiveness of God.”

The society that we picture above is the society that we long for, that we are working and struggling for and that which we dream will one day materialize in the reality of our lives. We hope it will happen in this early part of the Hegira century for God has promised that in the early part of this century, Islam will return resplendent as it was in its early years. Let us together await while we struggle for this beautiful and resplendent era. Let us hope that God grants us a sufficiently long life, so that we can witness this golden age and let us also hope it happens due to our efforts and our struggle. We hope God will not let us down.

Oh God grant us this hope.

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5 Comments on “The Society Longed By Mankind”

  1. Zass Says:


  2. wonderness Says:


    Nothing is Impossible
    Impossible is Nothing
    Just Do IT!

  3. sampalee Says:

    What ever will be shall be.Thy will be done and all things will come to pass.We just honour our part to Tuhan.

  4. heliconia Says:

    Thanks to God, He is All Wise, All Knowing..

  5. Jeffery Says:

    This indeed will be a reality one day when all Muslims unite and do their part and obligatory responsibilities towards Allah SWT sincerely and faithfully. And definitely will be a reality when the advent of the promised caliph along with re-arrival of Isa Ibn Maryam is manifested. So, let us all pray that day will come to mark the true victory of Islam.

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