If the attributes of a servant and a deep feeling of subservience are deeply embedded in a Muslim, it will annihilate or destroy his evil character like the feelings of pride, self-conceit, arrogance, anger, spite, vengeance and others.

But if the attributes of a servant do not exist, he will feel himself a lord. This feeling of lordship breeds arrogance, pride self-conceit, anger, spite, desperately wanting to be praised, boastfulness, vengeance, greed and others.

Thus, if this feeling of lordship is manured and allowed to flourish, it will further lead to God-like feelings which is the proprietorship of God alone and a person with such feelings will fall into polytheism, God forbid. And if he has power, he will become a very tyrannous and cruel person.

Hence, we as the servants of God, must promote and intensify our feelings of subservience so that all evil attributes within us can be annihilated. This is what God demands of His servants.

When the feeling of subservience has succeeded in eradicating evil attributes mentioned above, then the Muslim person will automatically be filled with modesty, shame, compromise, love and care, considerateness, forgiveness apology and patience.

He will put others before himself, will rely upon God and will feel sinful, lacking, weak and hopeful so much so he feels himself guilty and full of sin.
When the feeling of having a God is truly internalized and it truly grips the heart of a Muslim, he brings it wherever he goes and he feels he is being constantly monitored and watched by God.

He will always feel shy. The fear of God will always be with him. He will truly feel that he is in the power of God. He feels his destiny is completely in the hands of God.

Hence, he is afraid to commit  any sin. He is shy to God. He will be truthful and sincere. He likes to do good. He will become one who is courteous, respectful, disciplined  and one who keeps his promises. If he commits a sin, he is tormented by it.

He always checks himself. His soul is alive and in contact with God. In whatever situation, he is never neglectful.
He will not be dragged into the stream of vices and transgressions that occur in society. He is able to control and to take care of himself. In other words, the feeling of having a God is his defense against committing sins and treachery. It is also at the same time the key to everything that is good. Because of this we must always intensify and bring to life the feeling of having a God in our hearts for it is such feeling that can turn us into good people in this world.

A point to remember is that no matter how much prayers and acts of devotion we do, but if done without any feeling at heart, it will not produce any feeling of subservience. The feeling of having a God will not materialize. Acts of devotion of this kind will not only fail to produce people who are humble and who love and care but on the contrary, such acts, although done in quantity, will only produce people who are arrogant, conceited, showy, and who love to be praised. Such a person will feel himself clean and pure and he has no fear of God. As such, prayers and acts of devotions that should bring a servant into contact with his creator or God in the first place, will instead become a barrier  between him and  God.

“Oh God! Give us guidance and lead us! Keep watch over us physically and spiritually.”

“God, let us see the finesse in good and in bad (deeds), so that we are saved from sins that are too difficult to comprehend.”

 Amen, oh God of the universe.

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  1. Najib Tun Razak Guilty

  2. heliconia Says:

    Let God decides…..

    For He is the Almighty and Has Power over everything..

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